Send me to Amsterdam!

I entered the Beck’s Beer contest to write a blog for them in Amsterdam for 6 months. Aside from the perks available there that would send me to the can here, this writing job is right in my sweet spot as my entry describes:

In between the guy that has a beer at a wedding and the guy that isn’t drunk until he runs out of money, are a legion of beer drinkers that want to impress their drinking squads with slick new euphemisms for what they’re drinking and what to call it after they are done. They need to get this wisdom from somewhere. The somewhere is me and this blog would effectively put me in every bar, party, reception and rodeo on the planet. The Beck’s blog should be like the Farmer’s Almanac: a 365 day guide for how to enjoy Beck’s, but funny, sly and tough enough to steal the Farmer’s girlfriend. People will tell you that the answer to your problems is not in that beer bottle… well it is now!

The only thing as cool as drinking is talking about drinking. You shouldn’t drink at work, in court or behind the wheel, however no apple polishing flatfoot can ever stop you from discussing an ice cold Beck’s beer… as long as you have your cellphone headset in. It seems to me that would be the goal, to get people talking.

I don’t know if my humor translates into German/Dutch/Swedish/Other, but my ability to drink heavily and sleep late certainly do.


6 Responses to “Send me to Amsterdam!”

  1. hlevenson Says:

    Nice job John…!

  2. This is definitely how a beer blog SHOULD be written!

  3. I like the comparison to how a blog for Beck’s should be like the Farmer’s Almanac. In fact, this is good for a lot of corporations to consider. what is it about the Farmer’s Almanac that makes it popular and how can writing about a product year ’round be similar in making people’s lives better?
    Good idea.

  4. kittykat1268 Says:

    So I read it again and all I can say is…I want a Becks, oh and while I wish you must luck I would miss having you around for 6 months. Can I come visit?

  5. Man, I enjoyed Amsterdam in my 20s. Loved the Bulldog and Milkweg. This post brought it all back. You are spot on about Becks as well. Cheers.

  6. Figypudin Says:

    Mmmmmm…..Becks… Amsterdam…..head to head (so to speak) with Heineken. They need you John. Heineys & Amstel must go away. Becks & your blog will show the way.

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