Who’s With Me?

Not one, but TWO hug hungry fame seekers scaled the side of the New York Times building in Manhattan on Thursday to be met by (Surprise!) the NYPD when they reached the top of the 52 story building. I don’t understand why people climb up buildings. If you are going to scale a building, start from the top and climb DOWN. You will have a much better chance of eluding the authorities closer to street level as opposed to the roof, where there is only one way out, surrounded by pissed off cops in an elevator without a video camera.

The first climber Alian Robert, an experienced climber with a web site and facebook page detailing the buildings he has conquered worldwide, had the myopic foresight to scale the building to promote global warming, a subject that already receives ample coverage. You don’t get this kind of media coverage often so you should use it effectively and for a product that people are unaware of, such as maps of climbable buildings in Manhattan. Robert stated upon arrest he was a “professional climber”. After seeing the lack of “climber” jobs on Monster.com, a side map selling business might not be a bad idea.

The second perpetrator (holding a Beta copy of the new NYC building climber map) , Renaldo Clarke reached the summit of the structure to inform us that malaria is bad. Now if you want to fight the evils of malaria, one would probably do more damage closer to the source: the street food vendors of the city. After questioning Clarke and determining that he did not have a web or facebook page, he was taken in for a psychiatric evaluation.


One Response to “Who’s With Me?”

  1. kittykat1268 Says:

    Some people have too much time on their hands. I need someone to clean my apartment and do my laundry, so if they have enough time to climb a building there’s something somewhere that’s not getting done. What a colossal waste of time. At least neither of them fell because then the city would have to pay to have it cleaned up and then we’d be wasting time and money.

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