What The Fuck Are You Looking At?

john-mcclellan-gives-you-the-fingerLet’s face it; an item is truly powerful when it saves your ass. Example? scooters are gay until it becomes a getaway vehicle.  With that said, the site link, used on blogs and web sites is one of those powerful items that can bail you out. Let’s imagine that when George Harrison recorded “My Sweet Lord” instead of including the track on the album, he linked “He’s So Fine” to his work. He would have saved a lot of legal green. Or instead of going into stand up comedy, Dane Cook had a web site that linked the jokes he took from other comics. 

The link has enabled me to generate many additional exposures for this site. I need more people to read and subscribe to this, for the juice that get from visits pushes me to create the caustic drunken humor that fills our hearts with hate and laughter, so thanks to TastyBooze.com and MikeDoe.net for putting a porthole on their sites to here. 

Naturally, the new Boozecoma post is on another site, which you can read by following this link: PointlessBanter.net. There will be a new full post soon but until then, the copious amount of geek/computer activity calls for a self-intervention of Dead Boys and a Vodka fueled fistfight.


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