Video Killed The Video Star.

With the release and all of the press surrounding the new music based video games, a lot of other music based video games are falling between the cracks. Here is a synopsis of what you might have missed:

The Beatles: Glock Band-


The surviving members of the Beatles hunt down and kill everyone that has co-opted or owns the rights to their music. Undertake single-player missions, or share the terror of war with a friend in local split-screen or as many as three additional players online. Each character has their own special skills: Paul McCartney-Jibberish, Ringo Starr-Super ninja powers, Dhani Harrison-Hare Krishna and Yoko Ono-Performance art.

 “Kill whitey over and over!”  4 out 5 stars:    Charles Manson’s Prison Gamer Magazine

 “Ringo won’t DIE!”    1 out of 5 stars:  Pete Best




The Gears of Whore-


In a Pokemon style game, Gene Simmons attempts to collect each and every product on the planet in order to put a Kiss logo on it. Go head to head with copyright lawyers, music critics and finally Simmons’ own inflated ego in an effort to distract the world from discovering you are promoting a band that died when they recorded a disco song. This is a single player game that ends when Gene either bores you to death or kicks you out of the band for not thinking up a new Kiss iPhone application.

 “Buy it right now!”   Gene Simmons

 “The MUST have game for 2009”  G. Simmons

 “Goes great with a Kiss snuggie!  Gene S.





Left For Dead-


You find a famous rock star near death in an alley from booze soaked drug relapse. From here the story line is yours to choose: Mentor a misguided Amy Winehouse through rehab again to clean up enough to play nine holes with Darius Rucker and Alice Cooper! Send Aerosmith back on the needle to give them the power to create the album that makes us forget they played the Super Bowl Half-Time Show with Britney Spears! 100’s of artists to pick from and the gameplay is different every time. Give Slash a new lease on life, then send him spiraling into a lonely and tragic death in order to get some great keg party music! Meth lab sold separately.

  “This makes me want to fucking vomit!”  9.5 (Rad)  Tommy Lee

  “I’m sorry” 8.0 (Sippy Sippy)  Kayne West

One Response to “Video Killed The Video Star.”

  1. Hysterical and very, very clever!

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